Our Story


The Beginning


Tipple was born of a question: What would happen if you created a cocktail venue that focused on affordability as well as creativity?

We wanted to create a venue with a little bit of something for everyone: reasonably priced great quality cocktails,  as well as a strong range of delicious spirits, beers, wines and non-alcoholic drinks. We wanted a bar that focused on creating a relaxed atmosphere to chill with friends and enjoy a drink or two! After a bit of a search we found a property in Lancaster that we thought would be great; small enough that we wouldn’t over-stretch ourselves but big enough to deliver on the promises we had made ourselves.


In late August 2017 we picked up the keys to 61 King Street and after just under a month of working day and night the venue was ready. We opened our doors to the public on Friday 21st of September and the rest, they say, is history!

Tipple as it stands isn’t a finished product: we want to change and grow with our customers needs and desires, we hate saying ‘No’ so if you would like something that we don’t already stock then we’ll do our best to get it for you! We’ve created what we think is a great, well rounded menu with something for everyone. We’ve been able to do this by keeping most classic cocktails off the menu however all our bartenders have many years of experience so they are happy, in fact, eager to prepare any classics that don’t appear on our menu! 



The skill and experience of our bartenders can been seen in the fact that after only being open for a few months our Bar Manager, Josh Allen, reached the top 10 of a major Jack Daniels cocktail competition. As part of the judging, our little bar was visited by some of the UK’s best bartenders as well as big names in the world of Jack Daniels. Without Josh’s highly successful entry into this competition these highly influential people probably would never have even known Lancaster existed!

We’ve already made some significant changes to the bar and what we can offer since our opening. We added a table-tennis table in November to add a bit of fun into the venue. (This is available to play for free downstairs in our snug from Sunday to Thursday.) We’ve also added in two draught beers lines for those looking for a great quality beer but aren’t keen on bottles or cans. 



As well as creating drinks we can be proud of we’re also trying to create a business we can be proud of by working with other local businesses and our community. We have keen environmental goals and aim to create as little waste as possible. Alongside this we are taking every step we can to ensure that as much of our waste as possible is recycled. As part of this we have been using bio-degradable straws for over a year and hope to make the switch to fully compostable straws soon.

What’s next for Tipple in 2019/2020? We hope that our relationships with our customers will continue to grow and develop. We’ll continue with our plan to offer seasonal menus as this allows us to focus on the best ingredients and flavours for each season.  We’re also looking into extending our opening hours into the early afternoon in response to the great coffee we’re selling from Neighbourhood Coffee.